Smash Boats gets couch co-op on Nintendo Switch, hits Xbox consoles as Smash Boats: Waterlogged Edition

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You might remember a little arcade game called Smash Boats. It made quite a splash on the Nintendo Switch with a very particular brand of boat-on-boat violence and a number of unsanitary arenas – including brown logs of known origin among other “hazards.”

So if you’ve ever wanted to share in the maritime carnage with your friends, this one’s for you: On August 18, the Nintendo Switch version of Smash Boats will receive a massive update that adds an all-new couch co-op mode for up to 4 players – along with 3 new party games!

But we’re not done – oh, no! Xbox consoles are getting their very own Smash Boats port on August 18 as well – the appropriately named Smash Boats: Waterlogged Edition. Gamers who own an Xbox One/Series S/Series X console get a prettier, slightly smoother version of Smash Boats to ogle at (so pretty!) – but for now, Xbox is single-player only. 

Be sure to specify your chosen platform (and region for Switch)!Smash Boats - Missy Tub Special
Smash Boats is an action game with a seemingly simple goal: Smash everything in sight to conquer all the arenas (pools)! Sounds easy – but with relentless enemies, zany Mayday events, and unusual water hazards that can hinder your progress … it’s anything but, really. We’re talking about arcade-style difficulty in a glorious, colorful package filled to the gills with boats, special moves, wacky events, obstacles, and more. So if you end up having trouble completing some stages on the Nintendo Switch, just have a friend join you for couch co-op! More than two? Party games – all 3 of them, all new – support up to 4 players.
Smash Boats - Shower Pewy

A boatload of pools to smash in – including a toy chest, a pool table … and even a toilet! 18 boats with unique smash-abilities such as: frying pan, shark bite, lasers, water-pound – and many, many more.All boats can also submerge, ram, backward ram, power turn, and brake. Conquer stages and collect stars to unlock new boats and pools! Couch co-op (2-player co-op) and Party mode (3 competitive party games for 1-4 players) are exclusive to the Nintendo Switch – for now, at least.Smash Boats - Boat Menu
Smash Boats on Nintendo Switch will receive the co-op update next Thursday, August 18. The game will be available on Xbox One/Series S/Series X on the same day as well.

Pricing for Xbox consoles: $9.99
Nintendo Switch: $11.99

Nintendo Game Store:

Microsoft Store: Boats - Dually

Smash Boats – Booty Bash & Pool Crash
Based in Vail, Colorado and founded in March 2017, Smash House Games consists of veteran game developers who met working together on previous top-tier games. Its founders have more than 60 years of combined experience in the industry – working on titles such as sequels to NBA JamNFL BlitzWarhammer 40kDarksidersLife Is StrangeCall of Duty, among others. To learn more about Smash House Games and Smash Boats, please visit

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